Silicone Breast Pump


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Manual Breast Pump

  • Prevents leakage of breast milk from one breast while breastfeeding from the other.
  • Easy to use, with a size that allows you to transport it where you need it.
  • It has a strap to ensure that your milk is not endangered by your baby's movements.

How to use the silicone breast pump:

The Lansinoh silicone breast pump is easy to use. When breastfeeding your baby from one breast, place the silicone breast pump on the other breast for 10 minutes or while you are breastfeeding, and this will collect the milk dripping from your breast.

How to apply the silicone breast pump:

The right and safest way to apply the silicone breast pump on your breast is to:

  • Squeeze the lower part of the breast pump.
  • Turn the breast pump upside down in the opposite direction.

Insert the nipple into the nipple and flip the nipple back to its original position, covering the nipple area. This will create a gentle suction, collecting all your milk.
When finished, hold the bottom of the silicone breast pump and gently remove from the pad.

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Silicone Breast Pump


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