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Due to the infrared transmitter the NUK Baby Thermometer Flash ensures taking temperature without touching baby’s forehead within seconds and in a hygienic way.


  • Measures temperature without touching baby’s forehead (hygienic measurement)
  • Quick and accurate: result within one second
  • Signalises high temperature immediately
  • With digital display
  • Versatile use: measurement of baby food, bathwater and room temperature

Due to the infrared sensor the NUK Baby Thermometer Flash ensures taking temperature without touching baby’s forehead within seconds and in a hygienic way.

Sleep is the best medicine! This applies not only to adults but to babies and infants as well. When parents have to check up on baby’s temperature at night, they want to do so gently without waking baby up. The NUK Thermometer Flash makes this possible because it takes your little one’s temperature within seconds and without touching baby’s forehead. The NUK Flash is equipped with an infrared transmitter that enables the thermometer to measure the temperature by holding the tip up to 3 cm away from baby’s forehead. Within one second the digital display shows the result – this way parents can decide whether an accurate temperature measurement with a calibrated thermometer is necessary.

The NUK Baby Thermometer Flash can be used in versatile ways, since you can also take the surface temperatures of baby’s food or the bathwater in a quick and hygienic way. The LCD display provides information about the room temperature in the nursery. Furthermore, the thermometer features a memory function with which you can easily trace the progress of your little one’s temperature over a longer period – you can save the results of up to 25 measurements. When the silent mode is activated all sounds of the thermometer are turned off.

The NUK Baby Thermometer Flash – taking baby’s temperature as gentle as never before.

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NUK - Baby Thermometer


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