Pura – kiki stainless steel strow cup with silicone sleeve


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The Pura Infant Bottle features a food-grade stainless-steel bottle, medical-grade silicone components and zero plastic parts! The included Natural Vent Nipple features a one-piece anti-colic venting tube that stabilizes pressure in the bottle for continual feeding and a wide shape for a more natural latch. Each bottle has pressed internal volume marks that can be clearly viewed on the inside of the bottle for easy measuring when filling the bottle. The colorful silicone sleeve provides tactile feedback and keeps the exterior of the bottle at near ambient temperature. All bottles are compatible with silicone components from Pura including our Natural Vent Nipples in various flow rates, silicone XL Sipper Spout, Silicone Straw, Big Mouth sport top and Silicone Sealing Disks. The bottles may be used for storing breast milk in the freezer by following the instructions included with each bottle. The bottle is also compatible with nipples and spouts from other brands.


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Pura - kiki stainless steel strow cup with silicone sleeve


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